Winstrol and Nandrolone?

Hey guys.
My between jobs status has rekindled my anabolics addiction. Been spending a lot of time researching. I cant find any info on a question i had.

On the issue of Winstrol drying and destroying joints, would adding a low dose of Nandrolone counteract this due to its joint lubercation benifits?

I have heard great things about winstrol helping in sports where speed is vital but every thread i read about it, warns people off because of the joint dryness.

So for example if i wanted to run Winny for say 4 weeks at 50mg/day, and i ran deca or NPP (due to short acting ester) at a low dose like 25mg EOD along with Test, would you think this would help?

I expect so.

[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
I expect so.[/quote]


This is definately something i will test on myself in the future…

I searched a lot and i cant find any info on anyone trying this before, but then again the vast majority of anabolics discussion is amoung bodybuilders and not football players etc.

A number of those I worked with tried the opposite, of using Winstrol to try to counteract the side effects peculiar nandrolone.

In some cases this was only partially effective or with no clear positive effect. These days I would say this may be due to, in some cases, nandrolone increasing prolactin, which stanozolol will do nothing to help. Or perhaps to allopregnanolone-like activity of nandrolone. But in other cases it was preferred to previous trials of nandrolone alone.

For this reason, as well as it making sense pharmacologically as stanozolol is an antiprogestin while nandrolone has progestagenic activity, I think your idea makes sense.

That is good to hear from you bill.

So if combining these for a football player, you would need to use a minimum amount of deca as to avoid too much weight gain, but how low can you go?

I presume a dose of 200mg/week Test prop would be sufficent to prevent deca-dick and increase recovery.

So how would something like this sound:

Winstrol 50mg/day - 350mg/week
NPP 25mg EOD - 87.5mg/week
Test P 60mg EOD - 210mg/week

It would be too soon if i never hear the term ‘deca-dick’ again - especially when referring to only DHT (or replacement of DHT with DHN).

200mg of T will of course provide plenty of DHT. That much is true, however as for preventing ‘deca-dick’ - not in my experience.

87.5mg of nandrolone a week is a terrible dose - really really bad idea. Full suppression, minimum results.

From what i have read about the issue (i have not experienced it myself), the effect Stan is supposed to have on joints is not due to a ‘drying’ out as you suggested (although a distinct drop in estrogen could cause this i expect), but due to the strengthening of connective tissues becoming brittle - over time of course.
Nandrolone being pro-collagen would assist this i would expect however, as will a dose of 200mg or under of T.

I would look more for:

350mg Stan
200mg Nand
200mg Test

If you keep calories low/moderate and protein very high you will experience a significant body re-composition effect with little scale weight increase (although i would expect some of course).

I am assuming that as your name is GI Joe Galway - you are talking about actual football and not American Football? :wink:

Nandrolone is not particularly susceptible to raw mass and bulk like T is, with the results being much leaner and visibly more muscular than T is - which allows a higher gain of fat and water (due to the aromatisation no doubt). However IME the anabolism far exceed that ofdrugs like masteron or Eq - common ‘replacements’ for nand.

Nandrolone is a pain in the arse, it does cause additional inhibition and sexual dysfunction in so many, but IME it is really quite irreplaceable dose for dose.
Recently I have found that 700mg Drostanolone a week is similar in muscular effect to 200mg of Nandrolone (but of course is significantly more androgenic).

IMO HGH is probably a better option for joint support compared to nandrolone. But cost is a issue obviously.
And deca dick is caused by excessive prolactin, so you will need some dostinex. Test won’t fix it. But i don’t think 100mg of nandrolone is going to be that bad in that regard. Basically you are running high trt doses of test, with a bit of deca. Looks like a good plan.
Hopefully you can run like Ben Johnson after assistance.

It is pure guesswork, but my guess is that between 100-200 mg/week total of a nandrolone ester would be needed to counterbalance the anti-progestagenic effect of the Winstrol, and if having to pick which was more likely – about 100 mg/week or 200 mg/week – I’d think the higher amount. But it is guesswork.

I ran a 4 week cycle of winstrol with amazing results and tons of fish oil tio counteract the joint dryness. I had a little hip joint pain but no knee or shoulder problems which are my weekest joints. id try fish oil first 3-4 pills a day

I should be clearer in that my replies are to the exact question, of trying to accomplish the pharmacological goal stated.

In terms of general advice going outside of the question, I agree with the other posters.

Thanks for the input guys. I’ll just try out some different combinations in the future, and see what works! Football season is over for now anyways!

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