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Winstrol and my diet probs

I’m about to start a 6 week cycle doing winstrol 50mg ED. I’m expecting a 6-8lb gain of LBM while cutting up, losing some fat. I need some help with my diet while on, so: To stay on the same weight I have to eat about 2800-3000 cals, that’s not much, but I very easilly gain fat, so I have to keep my cals down. So, how many calories do U think that I would have to eat per day to “make” my goals. Should I stay at the same calorie intake as today? I will be eating 1,5-2g protein/lbBM


Mr. Fox, I think you’re just going to have to keep accurate records, weigh weekly on the same day and time of day and adjust from there based on your progress or lack thereof. You’ll need to be doing bodyfat and bodyweight measurements- and use the mirror of course. I think there are just too many individual factors for others to be guessing about your caloric intake.

The idea of gaining muscle and losing fat at
the same time is optimistic (read stupid) at
best. If you want to gain a few pounds of muscle and lose some fat divide your cycle
into say 3 weeks of bulking to gain mass and
3 weeks of dieting to lose the flab. If you try
to do both at the same time you´ll end up with

No flame intended, but I agree with what the others here have said… Focus on one thing, fat loss whilst maintaining the muscle you have. For this, maybe add some sort of test or deca to the winny to help retain… Maybe as little as 200mg of whatever you choose. As to diet, maybe aim for 2500 (depending on weight) with half from protein (~300g/day). Take stimulants, lots of stimulants. Also, everyone here hates cardio, but I think 3 20min sessions helps me (and doesn’t cost muscle). My $0.02.