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Winstrol and Dbol Cycle

hi all… i am thinking of starting my first cycle starts next mth… but wat i got with me is stanabol and dbol, i know i should get a test base steroid… but, i couldn’t lay my hand on one… so… wat can i do to maximise my result on this 2 steroids???

oh yeah… goal is to gain mass… thanks
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You could try not using them and instead fix your diet and work-out program.

You squat 308 and you want to just pop whatever steroids you can find in your mouth? Come on, seriously. It makes sense to use gear once you finally customize a functional diet and work-out routine. People like that know how to keep gains. But when you use them to go from being ultra weak, to slightly-less-ultra weak, I can promise you it won’t be worth your time. You don’t have enough experience lifting.

Give yourself about 3 or 4 more years, and eat… a lot.

Besides, both Winstrol and Dianabol are 17-alpha-alkylated DHT products. There’s no synergy. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, reading about it would greatly open up your eyes.

I compeltely agree with contrl. Plus, with both being 17aa, it’s not going to be very nice to your liver bud. You don’t want jaundice at the ripe ole age of 20. I didn’t even think of taking anything until my squat hit 500 (a full squat) but that’s just me. Your first cycle really is your best cycle (if planned properly), so you’de be better served waiting until you’ve maxed out with your physique and strength naturally, and you’re not even close.

Educate yourself on nutrition and proper training. I’ve been a strength and conditioning coach for 12 years, and I still learn things from this website… so use what you read here, and take the advice from guys who’ve been at it for a while.