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Winstrol and Alpha Male

I just finished a 6 week cycle of oral winstrol where I took 25mg a day for 40 days. How much time should I take off between cycles?

I was thinking of taking 6 weeks off and taking Alpha Male during those 6 weeks?

Any suggestions?

Are you taking anything for your liver or kidneys?
6 weeks is not bad since you kept the dose so low. How did the cycle work out for you? Did you reach your goals/ what are your goals?
Answers to these would probably net you a great deal of useful advice from the board.

Alpha Male will only be a benefit to you. Winstrol doesn’t aromatise, and isn’t very suppressive so I don’t see a need for clomid or nolva.

Wow, that’s a really low dose. At that amount you must have used an oral cap, which is less effective than an injectable solution, so you must have taken in about 17 grams a day.

Did you see any effect from it at all? I’m not being a smartass, I’d really like to know.

yes I did get results. I was not looking to gain a lot of size. I was hoping to improve my athletic performance and gain a few lbs.

I am now going to try 50mg tabs of winstrol only. again, not looking to gain a lot of size, just harden up a little.

I am 30 yrs old and weigh 200lbs.