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Winstrol-Anavar Cycle

Just run test 10 wks anavar for 8wks 50mg
Just anavar can cause libido problems just for you know. Maybe wise to take some proviron lets say 25mg together with anavar to increase your shbg and boost libido.

do i start anavar in 2nd week after test? and finish 1 week before test ? pct when to start and how?

If this is your first cycle just do the usual test eth/cyp regime. No need to add anavar etc.

i bought prop . i did not wanted cyp or eth due to water retention

U have wrong information about that, test prop or test enth/cyp can cause same water retention ,it depends on your e2 levels,how much you aromatize and how you control it

… Wow… You do know you have to pin it every 2 days. The only good part of prop is its short half life, you can start pct after 3- 5 days. If you dialed down the dosage for the final week.
I have used prop, the water retention is the same as cyp. I dont like frequent injections, i will stick with cyp or eth.
All i can say is have fun injecting yourself every 2 days, you are going to need it.

yea . i know i have to pin EOD . it is ok .

can we have a call so i can understand bettee how i neee to run it safe? i am buying proviron as well

@mistretufx you really need to learn to listen man.

First cycle should only be test. This is in 1,000,000 threads.

If you wish to add another compound only add in the Anavar in a mild dose. Assuming you have legit Anavar some say 30mg is plenty and others say 50mg.

The test will make you good some water but this is temporary.

You need to plan your bloodwork pre during and post blast.

Hi . this is what i will do . i am listening . i will do test p and anvar with proviron as well to have libido

Proviron is okay, it doesnt help with mass though. Just take it for the first two weeks. Truthfully speaking it is just for libido, and increase in free t, for the first two weeks.

Why do i always tell people to get longer ester… Because pinning im hurts, you try it later , you will know. Left quad monday, right quad wednesday, left delt thur, right delt sat.

Anavar is seriously overrated, if i were honest. It’s the test that actually works.
If you decide to do it and you want to focus on anavar then test 150 mg weekly + 50 mg of var daily. No need ai.

Should be a 8 week cycle because it’s oral. Pct , 4-8 days after last pin. The final week pin dose should be reduced to 75mg.
Test injections can start at the 7th day of cycle if you desire, so you would know the effect of anavar.

The two guys on the forum that have actually taken legit Anavar (both are the most respected imo) tout Anavar as being fucking amazing. One can be quoted as stating something along the lines of 75mg+ of Anavar is basically Tren.

A buddy of mine took 50mg/day for 4 weeks and then 75mg/day for another 2 weeks and got amazing results. He was only taking his TRT test with it. Anavar works

Damn my anavar is likely underdosed then… I find upping my testosterone having better effects.

Hey there I’m new to the site couldn’t figure out how to post a new thread,

However I like you newb cut cycle advice , however I’m in south america and would prefer to pin everything until the pct.

I’m 6 foot ,gym 5 days a week naturally lift more then most from a good year of orals about 15 years ago and professional athletics.

Do to covid and loss of gym access I’ve put on a bit of wait stomach fat , what is a good pin only newb cycle if you will.

Many years ago I had pinned test e for 8 weeks tuesdays and thursdays just to get comfy with injecting and I only did my quads alternating the days, that was sure fun…not , my pct was tamaxofin for 6 weeks after.

What would you suggest to lean up and aid to the body fat reduction, preferably not every day pin but I’m open

Thank you for your time