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Winstrol-Anavar Cycle

hi all

i will run an oral cycle winstrol / anavar 50 mg each each day for 60 days anavar and 40 days winstrol . among it i want to take clen 40 mg each day.

i am 34y old . 187 cm tall 84kg .

what supplements should i take during this cycle to prevent liver damage and libido crush?

also i will do a pct after .when should i start the pct?


Prolly want to add a test base to that oral-only cycle. What are your goals here? To lean down?

yes . to lean down . i wanted to ask about the test base . is it necesary? i never injected myself so i i have no ideea how to do it

Very bad cycle. Neither compound aromatizes and you will get shut down. Oral only cycles are bad for many more reasons but let’s just chalk this up to ignorance and move on to something better. Are you afraid of pinning for some reason?


not necesarelly . i just never injected myself and i dont have anyone with the experience to do it . please tell me how should i aproach this ? winsdrol anavar and clen already bought

If you want to use those compounds you need test base. TRT dose minimum. Do you have access to test? What base / ester?

i have a trusted source so i can get my hands on mostly any test . what do you recomand?

You need a least a replacement version of test so minimum 150mg/wk. Since you are now pinning you may as well consider bumping that up some as most run 300-500mg if they want to get any use out of the test. I would pick one of the orals and run it with the test. Save the other for next time.

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Unless you’re already at a pretty serious level you should not need to run two orals. Additionally, as has been said, oral-only cycles are a no-no. There is one exception, but it’s not going to apply to you at this time.

You can either run one oral, get massively suppressed, have all the problems associated with low testosterone, and hope for the best. Or you can use a test base and again run one oral and get better results. You’ll still have to run a pct (which you’d have to do anyway), but at least you’ll get more benefit from the risk you’re taking.

Def use test along with those drugs, as for how to pin a simple google search will bring detailed how to articles and videos for glutes or quads. Clen is never worth it imo, you get mad shakes and anxiety. I kept dropping things when I took it and felt too anxious to even go out. Not worth it to burn an extra couple hundred calories if that. Just do an extra 20mins of cardio to get the same benefit without the negatives.

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Hi thank you for you answe and support .
i will take your advice. I am in crossfit .i do not want to get big as it is not my purpose ( maybe 4 kg tops ) .
how much test should i run / week? i dont want to risk gyno at all .
what supplements shall i run during the cycle besides silimarine for the liver? i was thinking at tribullus as well ( how much)

and regarding eating . i read that during a cycle i should run 2 g protein / kg at least

thx again


i managed to buy test propionate. i will start the cycle as it follows . test injection 3 times/ week 1 ml. wistrol and anavar 50 mg orally / day . test will run 10 weeks . wistrol 40 days and anavar 60 days .

as supplements will run silimarine , nac and omega 3 .
eating will be 2 g protein and 1.5 g of carbs


when shall i start my pct ? i will run clomid and nolvadex

what other supplements shall i take and when to keep my sex drive on ? other recomandations?

thx again

If u still decide to go for 2 orals in cycle… is stupid but if u want, better take anavar first 6weeks of the cycle and then winstrol 6-10week of the cycle

ok . am regarding sex drive and supplementation?

how is going your sex drive right now ? ( without any gear )

my sex drive now is very good . but everywhere i read everyone sais that libido will crash after i finish my cycle but if i am carefull it will not , but mobody sais how

Really bad cycle…here’s a newb cut cycle not complex & works
100mg test prop M-W-F
Anavar 60mg M-SA
Anastozle .25 eod
Hcg 500 per week
Milk thistle for liver support… Var is mild but 10 weeks of pounding give it a hand…
Find a decent pct routine since your not blasting…don’t pin prop in legs… Just do butt darts & rear delts… Get over yur needle fears worse thing yull ever do is scrape a nerve get a bad bruise or be sore a few days…man up
FYI just toss the Winny its trash u won’t like it

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why do i need anastozole and hcg on such a small dose of test?

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It will whatever your doing

can i call you so you can help me with my questions ? thx