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Winstrol/Anavar/Clen Cycle


I am currenty 5’11 and 210 pounds and have put on considerable weight I wish to cut so I plan to use this cutting cycle to loose weight and strength. I am changing my diet drastically and incorporating more cardio than ever to to gain the benefits. This is my first course of steriods and I have been doind alot of reading and have a few questions

I have 100 tablets 10mg Winstrol . 100 20mg Anavar and 80 Clenbuterol.

  • Whats the best cycle to work this?
  • Is it better to go with clen and anavar first and run winstrol at a later date with test prop? If so how many weeks later?
    -Is it ok just to run anavar and clen ?


I believe there is a whole forum set up for this called Pharma. Might have better luck getting a response there.


You need some form of test in your cycle, but var/winny seems to be a common combo for an oral-only cycle. If you insist on doing oral only then I’d definitely run hCG throughout. I’ve heard of some using var/winny with proviron to combat the inevitable crash in libido caused by the test suppression. Best case: run hCG at ~1000iu/wk and test ~500mg/wk plus an AI.

You didn’t mention a PCT. Orals will shut you down like any other AAS and you need a plan for recovery…


Thanks for the reply. Would you recommend running tribulus throughout the cycle and 4 weeks of nolvadex for pct?