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Winstrol?- again

I wrote asking about winstrol. More info was needed about what i was looking to do: I run track in the collegiate level and have already been tested, I’ved talked to many track athletes and winstrol is their choice. Im looking to put on muscle and strength while reducing my body fat. What is the best dosage? how often? and how much should I buy?

Rob: You have two options: either use the winstrol in a short-cycle in which you would take 200mgs or so on day 1 and from days 2-7 inject 50mgs. Days 8-14 continue to take the 50mgs of winstrol but instead of injecting it take it orally in five doses spread equally throughout the day. Further, detailed info can be found by going to the search engine and either typing in “winstrol” or “Bill Roberts”. SECOND OPTION: take 50mgs daily for 8 or so weeks or 100mgs every other day. Research this a bit more and you will probably come to a conclusion on which one is right for you.

Racer - perfect example here of why nobody
(other than you) answered this post.

Despite close to a dozen requests to have
people include cursory information about
themselves and what that plan to do, this idiot
(and I am being kind, because he is truly
blissfully retarded) never bothered to use
the search function NOR post one relevant
iota of information about himself in relation
to Winstrol.

So my advise to this guy is to use 1000mg of Winstrol per day, every day, for 8 years. If you can't use a gram per day, don't bother. And if you need to use it orally because you hate needles, then you need to take 10g per day.

My other alternative to a snappy and asinine
reply was to ignore him, Racer.