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Winstrol After Blast?

Im about to go on a ~12-14 week long bulking blast of 600mg Test Cyp/week and 400mg Deca/week. After this I plan to drop down 150-200mg test Cyp/week and 50-100mg Deca/week (joint helath).

When I drop back down to my cruising dosage I plan to start cutting. Can I immediatly jump back in with a 6-8 week cycle of winstrol or should I wait and let my body recover?

Reason I am asking is, from my understanding the reasoning behind the cruise is to let your androgren receptors cool off/take a break. But I can’t remember if Winstrol uses the same receptors. If it doesn’t, would their be any issue with using it to cut while sitting at my cruising dose of Test and Deca?

Also would taking a supplement containing Red Yeast Rice Extract, NAC, milk Thistle Extract, and Red Clover Extract be beneficial to protect my liver and cholesterol levels when on Winstrol?

If you’re just going back to cruise then you only use test at a cruise dose. Otherwise it’s just another blast. So low dose test and deca with winstrol after your blast is effectively another blast. Nothing wrong with that, theoretically. Lot of guys do it.

Alright, was just curious since I knew that some steroids worked in the system by going to the androgen receptors (test and deca i knew of), but I also thought there were some that worked in other ways besides the androgen receptors, meaning you could take them without interfering with the receptors recovery.

Probably just going to nail down my diet and cardio and grind it out.

Any suggestions on forums or articles I could read into that talk about cutting while cruising? I know that when I cut naturally, I had to be extremely careful and slow with my diet and cardio to try and avoid that catabolic realm of going to deep. But if my understanding of running a cruise of Test is correct, I shouldn’t need to worry about going catabolic at all, correct? (Given that I continue to lift heavy, get .3-.5g of fat/lb of body, and get 1-1.5g of protein/lb of body)

You’ll always have catabolism if you’re in deficit. That’s unavoidable. The goal is to use various compounds that will minimize the effect. I’ve seen guys take ridiculous amounts of gear during a cut. There are also guys who cut fine on trt. I think it comes down to how deep your deficit is and how hard you’re pushing yourself. Would a cut be easier with test/mast/tren/anavar all at once? Most certainly. Can you do it on a low dose of test and some good planning? Absolutely.

Bigger picture is the question of if you should even cut at all after your bulk. You may want to instead think about bulking, finishing your cycle, then cruise just below your bulking calories for a few weeks. Let your body get used to that new size you just added. Then cruise at maintenance for a bit, then blast again for your cut. You could accomplish that all within a 28 week timeframe.

That’s similar to what I had planned before I thought about adding anything in besides the Cruise dosages.

I’ve been bulking since the end of may at my cruise dosage and wanted to blast the last 12-14 weeks of it (I’m one of those people that believes for a bulk to really work, it needs to be drawn out and you need to own the weight for a while). Over the course of the bulk, I’ve had to add in 50-100 calories a week just to keep my weight at a steady hold-incline.

Since I have had to add calories weekly just to maintain weight and go up, I planned to start my cut by simply not adding calories anymore, see how much my weight would drop, wait for my weight loss to stop, then slowly start pulling cals (most likely from my carb sources)

Just curious if you know of any info on this. I’ve been eating around 3,000-3,200 cals (non training daysX3) and 3,500-3,700 cals (training days X4). When I blast, how much should I be looking at upping those numbers? Are there any guidelines out there or does everyone just kind of feel it out?

Yes, we call those people “smart”. You’re 100% right.