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Winstrol 60mg per Day?

I have a question that I really need help with; so here it goes. I am now taking 60mg of Winstrol per day orally and my Dr. just told me today that he wants to do a blood test on me to get my testosterone numbers, what will taking the Winny do to my test numbers? This is a blood test, but I don’t want him to see any elevation in my test levels in my body.

So, the question is this, will taking 60mg of Winny per day elevate my test #'s on a blood test? If so, how long do I need to quit taking this daily for them to go under the radar?

Quit it forever, oral winstrol by itself (and IMO at all) is a terrible, useless idea.

But to answer your question, winstrol will not aromatise and wont increase your test levels. It can shut down your production of test and therefore LOWER your test levels.

If the bloods are testing for something other than testosterone, then I can’t say.

What I’m looking to do is to get on TRT Therapy…hence my question. Thank All!!

Hey C.M.L.

thanks for the head’s up, what i’m trying to do is to be put on a TRT plan, but I really do not want any test increases. The Dr. wants to take my blood and test the test levels along with some other hormones that area managed by my Pituitary Gland.

so CML what i think you are saying is not to worry about my TEST (naturally speaking results) in the blood test?? Correct?

Well I am by no means an expert, but if you have been taking the winstrol for a decent period of time your natural testosterone levels should be decreased to some degree. Will this be good enough to pass for TRT? No idea.

However there is SOME hormone(s) floating around that is increased by the drug, what that is or if it is being tested for I can’t say.


The other hormones that they are testing for are LH, TSH and prolactin. What do you think?

Ok here goes to the best of my abilities:

If your testicles are shut down by exogenous drug use, LH production should be lessened as a result (or perhaps more accurately the cause).

Winstrol is a progesterone-receptor modulator, this entails that prolactin will more likely than not be unaffected.

TSH refers to Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. This one is tricky.

Certain things will suppress the amount of TSH produced. These include dopamine agonists (which you probably are not on), glucocorticoids (hormones that deal with glucose metabalism, notably cortisol is you are stressed out), and yes AAS use as well.

But whether or not it will register or the degree to which it registers depends on how it is tested for. TSH controls the release of thyroxine (T4) and small bits of triiodothyronine (T3). The majority of the this stuff is bound in thyroid binding globulin (TBG) much like androgens are bound up in SHBG. The use of AAS decreases the amount of TBG and therefor the total amount of T3/T4, whilst the free or circulating T3/T4 remains more or less unchanged.

What does this mean? Very little I just wanted the mind-exercise of explaining it. The reason TSH is tested for is that high levels of it is indicative of low T4, and thus hypothyroidism, which is bad news for the hormones it secretes and can lead to a host of problems, which is why its tested for. I dont know how it is tested for, directly or indirectly. Either way its very unlikely anything will register here out of the ordinary.

Prolactin levels are tested for because it can have alot of the effects of high estrogen (gyno for example) while also causing erectile disfunction.

LH hormone is tested as it governs your nuts pretty much. You may have low levels of LH hormone and maybe be given some hcg (a LH analogue) or you may have high LH combined with low testosterone indicating an insensitivity to the LH itself.

The doctor looks at all these things to see not only if your testosterone is low, but why as well. From what I understand not much will register out of the ordinary. You may have a lower T than normal and thus a lower LH than normal but to what degree I cannot say.


Your welcome, good luck.