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Winstrol 50MG


Does anyone know what does it look like? I was told they available to purchase. I saw the pills but I don't know what they should look like. I don't just want to buy it if they are not real. For All i know they could be anti pregnancy pills. can someone help.

It was a yellow round pill. One said had a letter GL and the other side had the number 50.


Well first of all, why would you ever even consider taking anything if you have absolutely no idea where its coming from? If it is what its suppose to be then most winny pills are usually in a square block shape and have the number "50" engraved on one side and the pharm initials on the other side.


I've had yellow hexagonal shaped winstrol orals not round but every UGL is different. but like soat said you better damn well know where this shits coming from if you plan on putting it in your body!


Does it look like this?

Please help. Like I said I am new to this.


Ive used Generic`s test and eq but never there orals although ive heard great things abbout them.It looks legite to me.Either way, im still having a hard time trying to figure why you are so clueless on what you have purchased, did you even bother asking your supplier info on this?


Thats what the ones i came across looked like, but I agree on the above statement? im kinda confused here?


I did, but i want it sanity check. The reason for this post is that, everyone tells me those are hard to come across. I just wanted to make sure.
Thanks all.


Now I do have another question. Can you take this stuff with BCAA and other Supplements?


With a question like that in your last post you are no where near ready to take any type of steroid at this point in your training.
Please get rid of those and do much much much more research before you make this step.


Can you elaborate a little more. I know the question might not be good. I don't have a lot experience on this. maybe you can help me a little more? everyone starts at one point.


read the post up top, the sticky one. there is so much you need to learn. meanwhile, hide those pills for a long time.


Either hide or.....you could oh i donno.....donate them? :):slight_smile: lol j/k anyway ya you need to put them away and do some research first please, really do not start taking those you will end up TOTALLY screwed up in more than one way