Winstrol 50 At the End of Test Cycle

I’ll be starting my first cycle next week -

Week 1-12 Test E at 250/E3D
Week 1-4 Dbol at 30mg day

Will be using A-dex during cycle, Nolva and test taper during PCT. Hoping to gain 10-15 solid pounds. By chance (luck? this kinda stuff never happens to me!) a new friend of mine offered to give me a substantial amount of injectable Winstrol 50. He said I should use 100mg/E3D for the last four weeks of my cycle.

Most people have recommended I stick to a simple test/dbol cycle initially. Would running the Winny be a mistake? Have no problem holding on to it for another time.

Thanks guys - this site has been amazing. Hopefully I’ll be able to contribue more with my upcoming experience.

Your cycle is similar to the one I have been planning out, it is also my first cycle. I’m not on it at the moment, but it it has all the same compounds, except I have test suspension. I was throwing in the winny for the hardening effect of the muscle. It is really a matter of choice at that point. Would just give a more solid looking foundation.

What is your age? Weight? Experience Lifting? Progress naturally? Diet? Should put those things in your first cycle.

Diet is what will give you that “hard” look. Winstrol is mostly used toward the end of a test cycle for the SHBG affinity, to take advantage of more “free test”

Using winstrol E3D is horrible advice.

Agreed i didnt read close enough. ED oral EOD at most inject

Okay, so I think I’ll keep the Winstrol for next time. Funny how I’m planning a next time when I haven’t even started my first. Anyway, I’m gonna listen to you guys and ditch it til later. I’m going to have lots of extra test, so I’ll probably look at my goals and see if it’s appropriate to come up with a test/winny/?? cycle in the fall.

Will research about how much Winny and with what other compounds, but from the looks of it I’m hearing to do it 100/EOD-ish. Should be starting my first cycle next week!!!

Cycle looks good. You should have about 3x normal level of test at that dosage. D-bol will make a nice kick start. As long as you eat and train well you should have no problem attaining your goal.

What is your PCT schedule and what does your dosing look like with the adex during the cycle? I only ask because I am looking into doing a similar cycle and I can’t get the PCT figured out and I was also thinking about running adex during the cycle.