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Winstrol 25 Mg Capsules


Anyone heard or seen any such thing as winstrol 25 mg capsules from hardcore pharmaceuticals?


Ok so nobody wants to help a bro out.
Just want to know if legit or not.


Never hear of it. I've seen 10 and 50mg tabs from various supliers but thats about it.


I have 25mg caps of winny, but they are from a compound pharmacy.


Cool I just havent seen anything that shows any info on 25 mg capsules so i was wondering if it were real or fake


never even heard of the hardcore phar comany.


I have seen Deca from Hardcore Pharmaceuticals. They are an underground lab. From what I hear they produce legit gear -- can't say personally though. I would be interested to hear if anyone here can vouch for the quality of their products.


ive never heard on winstrol in a capsule period. winstrol comes in a tablet.


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I have some 25mg winstrol capsules right now, so they are out there.

I haven't tried them yet though, so I can't give you any more info than that.

They're also not from the same lab.


ive used hardcore injectable winny before. its an underground lab. it worked for me.