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Winston Churchill UFO Cover Up?


Seems a little flimsy, but it's certainly interesting. Discuss.



A highly intelligent alien race with the technology to travel across the infinite vastness of space would find it exceedingly useful to come to our world, hover around for a minute, and then disappear in to the infinite vastness of space - never to be seen again. Sounds about right for the average UFO believer.


Maybe they realized that they made that turn at Space Albuquerque and quickly departed to crrect their mistake?


Never to be seen again? You do know how many UFO sightings there are in a year right? I'm in no way claiming that all UFO sightings are alien craft, but i do believe that some of them are. Which means we are being visited very often and with only a little bit of secrecy on thier part.

I'm pretty sure they would be able to detect our communication signals and would have found out by now that most people think that UFO sightings are a crock and thus it makes it that much less important for them to even try to keep thier craft hidden.



So tell me again why these UFO's are entering our atmosphere just to leave?


I thought UFOs were a crock.

Then I saw a few things in the sky, for a series of four nights, that changed my mind. I don't know if they were 'extraterrestrial' in nature, but if what I saw was from our government, then the capabilities and technologies our military have scare the living crap out of me.

I'm not joking.


How the fuck would I know, they don't come and tell me thier intentions. But I could logically think of probably 100 reasons in the span of an hour, I'm sure if you thought critically about it instead of skeptically you could too.



The same reason we send space craft to various locations in the solar system to check out the planets, gather soil samples, or simply to travel close enough them to take photos.


Yes, right. The collection of data/information. The difference here is that we are speaking about a race which has evolved the ability to travel through all of space - not just a solar system. This requires traveling near light speed or the ability to warp the fabric of spacetime itself. If a race has developed that kind of technology...they could probe our planet and collect the data they need from lightyears away. Without having to waste time and resources on UFO's.

Anyways given the infinite vastness of space combined with the amount of time it has been around ~14 billion years, it is extremely egocentric to think we would be visited by any form of alien life during our less than miniscule spec in spacetime(much less multiple forms and multiple times).


What is egocentric is to think that you can understand the motives, the circumstances, and the technological advancement of potential alien races that have yet to be discovered.



A little bit of logic goes a long way - and not for the ego.


Like I said, I could paint hundreds of scenarios as to why UFO's would visit us and then head home. That is if they are going home, Perhaps there is a fleet out in the kyper belt on a long term observation mission. Perhaps there is a massive mothership and the UFO's we see are just little science wessels which are designed for inter solar system travel and the mothership has the technology to travel in between star systems.

Perhaps the galaxy is full of intelligent life and the aliens visiting us are from within our relative galactic neighborhood.

There are many assumptions you make with your logic that I can counter with an equal amount of logic. You don't have facts, you have assumptions, all you do is narrow your ability to view the real world.



Your "equal amount of logic" seems to have left out the mathematics of inter-galactic space travel. A point which I was trying to make earlier. So, again, I would argue it's not my view which is narrowed - but your "assumtions" which are totally naive to the "real world".

Anyways I don't care much for internet arguments, you will not change your point of view and neither will I. You can have the final word.


So what propulsion system(s) are they using? If they found a way to bend space and time it really wouldn't matter how far they are traveling.


Anyone ever watch Ancient Aliens on the History Channel? That shit is crazy and makes you think about some stuff.


if you see a UFO...is it still a UFO?


Unless you can identify it.

UFO = Unidentified Flying Object

UFO =/= Unseen or Unobserved Flying Object



Our planet has never been 'visited'.


If by "our planet" you mean your mom, and by "visited" you mean been the victim of surprise butt secks, then I disagree.


I don't understand how one could think we haven't been visited. We live in a world where most people have something against their own species, so I doubt we as a collective would be overly warm to an alien visitor.