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winnya nd primo

ok bill roberts,when i asked u about using tribex,methoxy,ribose,and androsol u said since i have clomid on hand and i wanted to look good for school which starts in 8 weeks that i could use all 4 for the full 8 weeks. now another thing i wanted to add to this was a 2week on 2 week off cycle of primo and winny wut kind of dosages should i use?thanx i always appreciate your answers

Hey bro, 400mg/week primo at least, and 50mg EOD winny.
You will not need antiestrogens with this…

I agree.

And in a 2 week cycle, those dosages can certainly be doubled or more in the first week.

I’m assuming we’re talking about injectables… Primo tablets at Mexican prices are not practical for the male bodybuilder. If you used them you’d need to at least double the dose compared to injectable.