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Question for vets. I will be doing my 3rd cycle soon just trying to figure out what gear.
I am 5'8" and weigh 220 about 17% bf now. A cutting cycle is in need obviously. I plan on 14 weeks of test 3 250 2x/week and want to use some winny to cut some fat.
I've used Deca before but never done winny. Where do I throw in the 6 weeks? begining or end of cycle?
Just fyi, I do have Nolva for pct, as stated, I have done a few cycles just never used winny.
Thanks for the help


Steroids don't cut fat...

diet and cardio do.

I would start with 6 weeks of Winny if you are planning on using a long estered testosterone.

Make sure you have an AI.


Eitherway it won't really matter. I would do it at the end and bridge pct. That's what I did last time and that's what I'm doing again this time. Stanozolol is awesome, you won't regret it.