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Winny Weight Gain??

45mg tabs of Winny from IP.
1 tab ED for 14 days.
Bodyweight up 7 pounds
Skin fold caliper measures exactly the sames.
Waist larger (Jeans feel much tigher.)

I’m trying to understand what is happening. It can’t be 7 pounds of body mass in 14 days. It can’t be water since it is Winny. It isn’t subcutaneous fat according to the caliper. Is it “intra-abdominal” fat?? Something else??

Can someone help explain…



A freind of a friend gained 6 lbs of lean mass in about 4.5 weeks but he also got pretty cut up too which doesn’t sound like your case. He was on a low-calorie/ low carb diet and the ECA stack. He liked winny very much. Just his 2 cents