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Winny vs Anavar

Having used 50mg/day of Winny as a kickstart in a previous cycle, should I be able to tell a difference in say 80mg/day of Anavar and the Winny at that dosage?

What is the rest of the cycle? Neither Winstrol nor Anavar alone are a good cycle.

[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
What is the rest of the cycle? Neither Winstrol nor Anavar alone are a good cycle.[/quote]

Both would be on 500mg/wk Test-E. Sorry for the ambiguity. I had to drop the dbol early on this cycle because it made me feel terrible at 30mg/day. I have Anavar (not sure if it is real) on hand and was going to finish off the cycle with it. Was just curious if I would be able to see a difference in the two compounds?

No problem! I asked only because they don’t work the same, so the answer would depend on what they’re being combined with.

With that amount of testosterone, I’d expect more boost from the 80 mg of oxandrolone than from 50 mg of Winstrol, or 80 mg Winstrol.

Sounds good, thanks!

You’re very welcome!

well unless your jumping on the stage, anavar is much better in everyway. but you be suprised knowing how many of the anavars out there even the brands that everybodies are trusting our either halo Tbol or proviron. real anavr is MUCHHHHHH harder to find than what most people think.

winny as a kick start is weird shit lol. winny is only good as a last punch before a show for drying out n hardening. try Proviron on high dosage 100 150 a week. it add tons of strength fast which leads to better gains, and u feel good on it. libido will increase n it does have some AI effect (dont use it as an AI u still need arimidex or something)