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Winny V and Testosterone!!!!


Hi! I'm going to start this in a day or two. I'm going to take 50mg of winny everyday and 50mg every other day. Does this sound correct? If not, what should i be taking as of dosage? Also, should i buy clomid and just take that when my cycle is over? I'm still reading up on coming off of this stuff correctly. Help? Thank you =)


You should NOT be starting this "cycle" in a day or two.

I'm assuming you are just another troll. In case you are not...no, no way you are for real. I don't believe it.


"50mg every day and 50mg every other day."


Nope lol, im serious. Am i aloud to put pics up on here of it? I also started a cycle of anavar almost 3 weeks ago and its going GREAT for me. Im putting muscle and not really gaining any weight at all. I also feel better, i feel tighter, i feel more....dangerous >=) this would be the perfect time for me to bust out an evil laugh...if i had one =/

Anything i can do to prove it? I just want the opinions of those who have more knowledge then me about this

Should i just put this shit away until my anavar cycle is over and ive waited like a month or something?


hahaahhahahaha FIX: 50mg of winny everyday...and 50mg of test every other day.


You do realize that cycles mean you go on, then you come off...correct?

Not to be harsh, but based on what you have said in this thread, you should put all of this aside, for about 6 months. Read everything on here, read some other sites, then once you have a basic understanding read more in depth articles. Learn what you are doing to your body, so that if you have issues, you will know what the likely cause is, and how to treat it.

Not to mention how to properly structure cycles to give optimal gains.

That, or pay someone knowledgeable to write out everything for you and walk you through any issues.


Yes, I do know what a cycle is. Yes, i am being safe, yes i am prepared and know what to do. Im not stupid. Its my body, im giving it what i think it can handle. I just wanted to get some other opinions on it....but all of your opinions aren't even close to the guys i know. So should i listen to the guys i KNOW are users and i KNOW are huge and i KNOW are still alive and perfectly healthy....OR, should i listen to people on the internet who could very well be scrawny little fucks hiding behind an avatar pic of a buff dude...hmmmm

Ive been doing tha anavar for almost 2 and a half weeks and my results in stregnth, hardness, and vascularity, are amazing. Also, my sex drive hasnt suffered AT ALL...in fact im jacking off about 8 times a day....my girlfriend freakin hates me right now cause when we hang out im constantly trying to get some every second. I have the the test just in case it starts to lower. Im going to finish this anavar cycle, stay off all this stuff for a month, and then do the winny and test. Im going to do 50mg of winny ED, and 50-75mg of test EOD. Im not trying to get massive results...im just trying to get a little more then i would without this stuff....and it is working. So far all the advice and info a couple of my friends(both experienced users, and one of them is on the cover of 2 magazines for power-lifting and just won a contest here for the deadlift) have given me has proven to be true in my research while all your doing is criticizing. I feel great, losing weight, gaining muscle, and i feel better about myself. I also know how to come off of a cycle, how and when to cleanse my liver, what to do(and prepared for) if i ever got a gyno outbreak while on the test....im not retarded. Your all very insulting, stuck up, meatheads. I can only imagine what you people are like in real life lol. Oh well, this is what i get for using internet forums....


Just because you use steroids doesnt mean you have any idea of what your doing. 95% of the time the big buff guys take tremendously high dosages and actually have no clue what their doing. They simply just say their healthy cause they dont feel bad. I would bet my left nut the intelligent people in this forum could help you 100% more then your big buff friends, but after that response from you they prob wont bother. Good luck getting huge!!!


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