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Winny tabs

If one was to take 100mg/day of Winny 10mg tabs, what would be the best way to split the dosages?

I’ve heard winny tabs have a halflife between 6 and 9 hours. (various sources, various opinions). So, you could split them up along those lines. Probably 3x a day is all you’re going to need. When i use them twice a day is all i bother with (i had 50mg tabs last time though). So probably you could go the easy way and take them at breakfast lunch and dinner, or get more scientific with it if you think you need to. Some people like to take them either right before or right after training.

I would split it up into 3 dosages per day. It would be a 40/30/30 split, taking 40mg with breakfast, and the other two 30mg doses spaced evenly for the remaining part of the day. Good luck.

thanks guys