Winny tabs cycle

i have 800 2 mg winstrol tabs… what would be the best way to cycle this?.. i also have access to winny amps…not looking for huge size gains… mostly hardening and muscle retention while doing hard cardio… im 246lbs 11% bodyfat…also ive read posts about drinking the winstrol injectables…is there any special way to go about doing that…also should i front load the the winny? how much for how long…also if i cant the amps(just in case) should i still front load with the tabs? and how much and how many times a day should i do that… thanks much for your help

take 25 tabs for 40 day. This should yeild some good results of lean muscle. take evening primoros caps–4 a day and milk thistle caps-4-6 per day and your liver will be fine.

Also split the doses into 4-5 doses including one when u wake up to pee in the middle of the night with a small protein shake. the injectable also effects the liver so the only advantage is it is easier to get a high dose. However taking tabs are fine and not that hard. Drinking the injectable needs to be trested like the tabs so that has no advantage over the tabs. You would have to drink it 4-5 times a day also. Hope this helps.