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winny tabs 50mg question

if i had 35 winstrol tabs that are 50mg each (the IP ones)…how should I take these.

I work out at around 7pm everyday and dont want to bomb the whole 50mg pill cause i do enjoy having a liver.

Should i break the pill into 1/4’s and take one at say 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm ?

someone let me know what the think.


The toxicity of 17-aa’s is far overrated. I have been taking 2 of those IP 50mg win tabs per day for the last 7 weeks and have had no problems. As for 35 of those pills, i dont know what to suggest really, other than taking one per day for 35 days. Maybe someone else could suggest something better, but i wouldnt expect to see anything earth shattering with 50mg of oral winstrol for a short period like this.

The pills have a half life of approximately 6 hours i believe. Breaking it into quarters might be an option, but if they’re the same pills i’m taking, i hope you have a magnifying glass and steady hands. In my mind it wouldnt be worth the pain in the ass to go any smaller than halves. (provided they are the little blue ones).

I know for a fact that you are worring too much about your liver. (don’t for get that an 2 adult extrastrength tylenols is 1000 mgs, and tylenol is much more liver toxic then winstrol.

I would advice you take two per day, one in the morning, and one in the evening. Reason for this is that winstol has a half life of approximately nine hours. This means if you take 50mgs at 8:00 am you still have 25mg circulating in your system at 5:00 pm. So take your second pill of the day before your workout which will give you a circulation dose close to 75mg right around the time that you are working out and thereafter. You’ll get great results! P-22

While Winny is probably safer than many assume, how do you know you liver isn’t stressed?

I would just cut it in half, take one in the am and one in the pm.

they are not the blue pills, they are the Big yellow ones from a legit website that you may know of…***ip.com, they are big enough to split into 4ths, but I dont think im gonna do that anymore. I only have 35 total, but at only $2.50 each I can get as many more as I need.

How many should I take total? You think 2 50mg tabs per day is a good idea, or a bit too much.

I only got the pills cause i dont have much $ right now, im not needle puss … ive taken probably 100 winny shots in my life and it worked great…these are my first tabs though and while I know they are not effective I saw results with 50mg winny shots 5 days a week.

Basically now you have me thinking I should be taking around 150mg a day or probably about 5 weeks. Also I drink, I know a lot of you dont, but I have a good time, and im not trying to be a pro body builder. I probably drink 3-4 times a week and get shitfaced twice…this is why i am nervous about taking 200mg winny on a friday, along with 8 beers, 3 jager bombs, a cuervo shot, and a xanex :wink:

stick to 100mg per day, Chronic liver damage takes years to acrue, but I advise with your other lifestyle choices that you get you liver enzymes checked while on cycle then post cycle once again.

You’re very cool. And obviously not worried at all about your health in the future.

Tommy- Are you serious?

ok look, like I said it doesnt matter. Doesnt pertain to the topic really. The post was not like my drinking diet…it was a bit of an overstatment just to prove a point.

Yea I drink and have fun, as well as work out and use AS. You can’t say that drinking some beers on the weekends is so horrible, that I have no health concerns…I made this post due to health concerns. Im only taking winny tabs, just to cut up a bit. I wouldnt take A-50 and dbol then go out and drink everynight.

Anyway this was a pointless respone, just saying that its under control…thanks for the ideas about the tab dosages. I think im gonna go with 100mg daily for a little then start 150mg for the remander of the 35 tabs. Thanks!


Did you read any of the responses Tommy?

P22 (a vet who knows just a bit) just said not to exceed 100mg/day and you ignored it like a fart in church.

Its apparent that you are not concerned with your health at all so Im boggled as to why you started this thread [qhote] "…and dont want to bomb the whole 50mg pill cause i do enjoy having a liver. " [/quote]
No, you dont. I wont lose sleep though…you have it under control.

Oh, and by the way, thanks for adding a superb role model of someone who uses AAS. That will certainly help the cause.

P22, your knowledge was heeded by at least one. raises hand