Winny or Test?

Hi all. So things have been going very well in regards to fat loss. Eating is spot on, training is great. Am going to throw in a cutting cycle eventually when I hit about 15%. I was wondering, what would be better to do with Cytomel, winstrol depot or testosterone cypionate?

The gear is UG but works very well, and this based on past usage. Cycle will be roughly 10-12 weeks. if test. it will be 300 mg./week and if winny it will be 50 mg. EOD. The Cytomel will be 50 mcg./daily for 6 weeks. Any thoughts or opinions? Thanks very much.

i would base the decision off your joint health… some folks love winny, but i also know a lot of people that have gotten injured training while on it. personally, my joints suck, so i would never touch it…

anavar might be a worthwhile addition, if you can find it cheap.

My joints aren’t very good as of now, but I have loved the results in the past from it. The weights are a lot lighter now concentrating immensely on form. Basically I was wondering with this proposed cycle of 6 weeks cytomel and 10 AAS, if I did test. when I stop the cytomel I can see the weight gain hit big time, as I know in the past test. bloats me like crazy. I was figuring with the Winstrol it would keep the weight gain down after I stop the cytomel while still offering the anabolic effect I want. So to summarize (sorry for the verbal diarrhea):

-not worried about joints
-trying to keep weight gain to a minimum after the cytomel
-trying to keep blood pressure at bay (test. sends my bp skyrocketing; not sure about with Winny as I never tracked it. Would winny be better for blood pressure?).

Thanks so very much it is greatly appreciated.