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Winny or No Winny

Hypothetically speaking, assume I were to currently be in the middle of week 3 of a 12 week D-bol(first 4 weeks@30mg) and T400(500mg a week) cycle.

Now, I’m considering throwing in 30mg of winny the last 4 weeks to solidify the gains and get rid of some of the water weight.

I’d like opinions if you think I should go ahead with the winny or even bother. My goal was to put on mass(i’ve gained around 15lbs thus far), but I’d like to lean it out a bit.

So I’d like your thoughts. Your experience with winny. And whether you think it’s neccessary here. Thank you for opinions, any flames will be immediately disregarded.

Last time I used stan in troche form, bout 2 years back it ripped the fuck out of me in about two weeks, abs came out from hiding and the puffiness went away, got really strong - definately worth a go if you want look harder and cut up - I’m no expert though, am new, so just thought I would input my sole experience with stan.

Thanks for your input caucasian. How much did you run and for how long?

Anyone else?

I was only running 20mg a day - they were troches though so sublingual - not sure how that affects how much actually gets absorbed - was told by the doc not to swallow it

Oh yeah - sorry - only ran it for four weeks

If it’s Winny injectible you have you may have some pain in the injection site. That and possibly some joint stiffness and ache, but those are the only two negatives I can think of. Other than that you should definately “dry” up your pysique. If you have tabs, you can place them under your tongue directly after rinsing with Listerine, or another mouthwash. Let the tabs dissolve under your tongue, then wash the risidue down with grapefruit juice.