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Winny Only PCT?

Decided to take some Winny tabs (From IP 45mg) for the last 8 weeks. Happy with the results.

Time to stop.

Familiar with PCT for more complicated cycles, but no clue for this one.

Do I need any PCT??
Better to just taper the Winny??
What do you guys suggest for a PCT program?



This is something that you should have known far before you started your cycle. Don’t expect to get too much help from anyone here, just a heads up :wink:

That’s all dependant on your dosage of winny. Why on earth are you taking it for 8 cnsecutive weeks? Do you have no regard for your joints? If you haven’t run an obscene dose and this is the only compound you’ve run you shouldn’t have significant shut down and should recover naturally. You could try something natural that won’t boost your test levels about normal like tribulus, or come clomid and/or nolva for say 10 days after at a low dose if you feel any lag in your libido.

Bill Roberts suggested;
Clomid 50 mg/day, except 300 mg on first day, or Nolvadex 20 mg/day, except about 100 or 120 on first day.

Thanks for the advice.

To answer the questions others posted:

  1. My body likes Winny. I always get a really good response to it with almost no sides. Feel great, look great, put on some mass, got stronger, etc. NO SIDES. So for me, Winny is nice.

  2. I have or have access to a whole variety of PCT compounds. I know about lots of different PCT theories for cycles that involve. test. Looking for some “extra” wisdom from those out there who know more than me. (Lots of guys know more than me :slight_smile:

  3. No need to flame someone just looking for some advice. We’re all here to help each other…