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Winny Injection Mishap

I have been using injections for sometime now and never a problem. yesterday I did 50ml of winny with a 23g needle to my thigh. all of a sudden it started to sting pretty bad but i figured that i was in i might as well finish. a few seconds after i pulled the needle out it started to sting pretty damn bad for about 2 hours.

when i woke up this moring i noticed that it was still stinging and their was a huge bruse. any one ever had that happen before and any advice on how not to do it again. thanks

you broke a blood vessel. This is what caused the bruising.

When doing injuections be sure to asperate the syringe. Pull back the plunger after your in the injection site to ensure you are not in a vein. If you are in a vein and asperate the syringe blood will flow back into the syringe. Pull the needle bace some and asperate again, should not see any blood. Then inject the meds.

Ranger Medic USA

yeah RANGER medic is very right, hooahh brother :slight_smile:
anyway you probably filled the vessle with winny and burst it, I would get it looked at cause that lst thing you need is a blood clot running around in your leg and get to your lungs or heart.

Hey RM can you inject Test ctpionat in your thigh, or better off in glute or delt?

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