Winny: How Much and How Long?

How long do you all recommend running an oral cycle of winstrol? Also, I was going to take 50mg per day divided up (25mg morning and afternoon). I’m currently running TRT at 250mg per week. I’m seeing a lot on the forum recommending 4 weeks. Also, is cardio a must with this or will I see some decent results without? I’m currently around 10% bf at the moment. This will be the first time running winny. I had some decent results with Var but I’m looking forward to seeing what results I get with Winstrol.

Much appreciated

I did basically exactly what you’re doing when I first started TRT (220mg/week TRT and 50mg/day Winstrol). I ran the Winstrol for 6 weeks (25mg twice /day) . I gained a ton of strength but it really didn’t do much for size. It cut all the water weight from the Testosterone off and made my skin look paper thin and muscle striations in places I had never seen but the down side was it made me feel like utter shit for 23 hrs per day. Once I walked into the gym I felt fine but any other time was horrible. On top of that it made my joints feel like I was 1 rep away from ripping every muscle in my body. I would not do that shit again and I’ve read of multiple folks having similar experiences. My take after using it is that it’s really for pre-competition use only and if you aren’t extremely lean already you likely won’t notice much from it. Stick with the Var so at least you aren’t miserable for 6 weeks.

Fuck. I knew I was going to have some joint issues but damn. Lol. I appreciate the feedback. I have a 4 week supply at 50mg per day so we will see how it goes. Thanks again man.