Winny & gyno

Brock has stated in the past that Winstrol cannot be converted into estrogen, thus gyno is not a factor, (at least I hope that’s what you said Brock). I’m thinking of trying oral winny and looked them up in my 1998 PDR and it list enlarged breast tissue as a side effect. Does this make any sense to anyone? Just curious, I’ve had problems with gyno before.

I looked it up in my '99 PDR also, and that’s what it says. I don’t know why?

Hey, don’t use it if you’re that worried…


Not exactly the quality answer I was expecting from you. I was also curious as to how a fertility drug like Clomid works, but I guess I won’t bother with that!!

Don’t believe everything you read in the PDR.
The PDR is the official label that companies
use to pimp products.

It still says Winstrol does not enhance athletic performance in my PDR. Do you believe that too?

The MOA for Clomid has been discussed ad infinitum here..."search" would be prudent.



As Brock says, the PDR is basically a brochure
of the drug manufacturers. Everything in it
is written by the manufacturers. It is not a reference work of any kind except to lazy

I would assume the reason the PDR says this
is because gynecomastia has been seen with
other anabolic steroids, therefore since
Winstrol is an anabolic steroid, they included
gynecomastia as a possible side effect.
Without having any evidence that it has ever
caused that.

I’m sure you’ll note that the PDR gives zero
evidence to support the warning.

You see this kind of thing in the nutritional
supplement market as well. For example, there’s
no evidence nor any plausible mechanism for
4-AD causing gyno: yet some 4-AD supplements,
at the FTC’s insistence, contain a warning
that it can cause gyno. So not all warnings
are based on fact: some are based on extrapolation from similar substances.