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Winny for Size?


Ok here's the deal my source can get me a killer deal on sustanon and winny. I know that winny is used more as a cutting agent and that is not what I'm interested in. I'm interested in gaining as much size and strength as possible. Is there any way I could take the winny for this or should I just bag it? If there is any way I could take the winny for my purposes let me know. Also how should I take the winny? What dose and how often? I have no experience what so ever with this substance. Thanks for the responses.


Winny isnt a great bulking agent.

But thats not important because test is.

Adding winny to a test cycle certainly has advantages, even when bulking.

If your just itching to use it, and its sounds like you are, then by all means.


It might help the test to work to its full potential by binding to SHBG and by increasing strength a little, but other than that it wont help at all…

Cant you get an even better deal on just sust??!