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Winny for First Cycle?

Hey Guys,
I’m 5’6" and been training hard for 3+ years. I went from a tiny 130lbs to a solid 170lbs. I’ve done lots of research and have decided to try out a cycle. I was thinking of doing a straight oral Winny cycle 350mg/day for maybe 4-6 weeks.

I know that Winny doesn’t aromatize, but I have Nolva and Arimidex on hand. I’m also in the process of getting some hCG and Clenbuterol for PCT when I’m cycling down.

I have access to Dbol, Anadrol, Anavar, OT, Proviron, Halo and Primo as well, but don’t want to stack too many different compounds for my first cycle.

I want to gain maybe like 10 lbs and lean down. I know that Winny isn’t really a bulking compound although it does provide quality muscle gains. Can anyone suggest how long I should do my cycle for, and how my PCT should look?

Thanks ahead of time for any help given.


Do more research. Winny alone is horrible for you in various ways, especially your joints and HPTA. It might not aromatize, but it sure as shit will shut your natural hormones down. IMHO winny should only be used by people on the end of a test cycle to dry/lean out, or by track/field athletes. There are better things you could do if you wanted a beginners oral cycle. Check out OT for instance, or cowboy up and do a Test E /500mg wk for 10 weeks.

Dont rush into this shit and make an impulse decision… I did for my first cycle and paid the price. Best of luck with this mate.

First off 170 is kinda small to be juicing. Because you are 5’6" I will admit that you are maybe close to your natural max but I would train natural for at least another year before going for a cycle.

If you are going to go ahead with a cycle regardless of everyone telling you not to (cause youwill get about 4 more post saying the same) and are looking for 10lbs of lean muscle with minimal sides I would go with:

W 1-8 Primo Enth 600mg/w
W 1-8 Winny 25mg/d

The primo needs to be injected 2-3 tims a week. Personally I would inject 200mg (usually 1cc) every mon, wed, fri if I was doing this cycle. You should be ok running the winny at that low dose for 8 weeks but I would still recommend some kind of liver support and going easy on other drugs and alcohol during the cycle. These are also both DHT compounds so if you have prostate issues or receding hair you should make sure you have that covered.

Pinning is only hard to do the first time because sticking a pin in yourself goes against your instincts, eventually you start to enjoy it sort of. All oral cycles are a bad idea. There is a reason every vet will advise against it.

Read my post entitled “Winstrol is Killing Me, Help.”


26mg is causing me grief, I can’t imagine taking it alone and at 50mg/day.

As a side note, has anyone heard of gel-cap Winny?

To Hill: Lol firstly, 350mg/day was a mistake, I was thinking about Test E when I typed that. Let’s say I decided to go with the OT for 50mg/day for 6 weeks, would I need to taper it? And would the PCT start during the cycle, just after the cycle, or two weeks after the cycle? I’ve read that this has to do with the half-life of the compound, but I’m still not sure how this works. For liver protectants would it be stuff like ALAs and Milk Thistle, or are those too weak?

To Hand:
Thanks for the concern, I have heard that Winny has one of the highest hepatoxicities,that users have reported joint pain, and that it shuts down your HPTA, but don’t pretty much all of them do that(shut down HPTA). Would taking Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM help? And I’m leaning more towards the OT cycle now, thanks.

To George:
Did I mention that I was asian too lol, although that may not be a valid excuse. Could you suggest a PCT for the cycle you outlined, and what kind of chemicals would I use to counter the receeding hair and prostate problems?

Funny thing is, I’m kind of looking forward to the pinning (not to be emo),IMO that is one of the big differences between normal supps and real gear.

To H-Train:
Thanks for the link, although I have read that post. What kind of effects is 26mg Winny doing to you? And what kind of strength increase/muscle growth/fat loss have you experienced with it?

Thanks to all you guys for the advice and information in helping out a first timer trying to find his way around.