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Winny-finasol:Brock, Bill, John?

I have been using finasol for the past 4 weeks and added 6 lbs of lean mass. I am now 235 pounds, lbm 195, bf 17%. I am also using MD6/T2 with great results. I have done weight training for the past 8 years. I read on the thread about taking winstrol injectable orally, and also the regular winstrol oral tablet. I was curious if I could add either winstrol injectable or oral powder and mix in the finasol? If so, how much winstrol tablets or amps? Does transdermal absorbtion of winstrol affect the liver as much as the oral tablets do? Thanks, - the Starkdog

Tim, you’d be wasting your Winstrol by trying to use it transdermally rather than orally. Oral absorbtion of 17-alkylated steroids is pretty good, and is better than transdermal.

For doses giving equal anabolic effect, you’d have no savings on stress to the liver. The liver has to process all of whatever amount gets into the blood however it gets there.