Winny/Equipose cycle

I desided to cyle 10weeks of Winny,equipose,and some deca for cutting up.

Week 1-4
100mgs of winny EOD
200mgs of equipose twice a week
300mgs of deca a week

Week 5-10
100mgs of winny EOD
200MGS of equipose 3x week
600mgs of deca
10mgs of nolvadex EOD

A friend said I should add 30mgs of D-bol and 6 weeks of clen in at week 8.I’ve had problems trying to coming down in size,I’m 5’9 255.If anyone has any advice on what to add and take out, please give it.

I’m curious as to whay your bodyfat % is. Are you attempting to come up with a cycle that will help you lean out and keep a bit of strength? What is your end goal…weight, bf%, powerlifting, BBing, etc?

I am not as knowledgeable as some guys around here, but my 2cents says that mixing EQ and Deca is well… they’re so similar in their anabolic properties that it might be a waste to use both together. Which one to use is a toss up, I think. The Deca may be hard to recover from because of its severe suppression issues, but EQ gives you an appetite which would be counter-productive to cutting up. The Winny is good, but limit it to 6 weeks. Some of the vets can probably address this better. Plus, everyone one around here will ask you, “How about some Tren?” Which IS a good question. Tren would be a great choice for cutting.

Why the fuck are you using more at the end of the cycle?

Type ‘frontload’ into the search engine, and do some research on the subject.

Well bro,I’m probably about 18%-20% bodyfat,All my fat on stomach,I know the winny and test did a good job before.But test had my back looking like a zit farm.Equipose and d-bol made me real big,then I did anadrol and d-bol,I bench want from 345 to 415 in 3weeks.I need cycle help on coming down and leaning up.I haven’t cyclied in 2months,Yo bro help a big guy out.

bro, 10 weeks of winny is kind of long. I say try prop/tren/winny. you can toss in the eq, may get less water retention with the eq then deca. I know many say eq increases their appetite, but it doesnt for me. I have taken the qv one many times, and am now taking the ganabol. I am eating like crazy but am full all day and never feel like eating. Hows your diet? Diet is the key to everything, dont rely on drugs to lose weight. the drugs should be there to keep muscle and maybe even gain a bit. Clen and cytomel could be a good idea. do not take the cytomel too long though, can shut down the thyroid permantely.

Big, if you want to look like a bodybuilder you are going to lose some strength, with or without AAS. Face it and accept it. Diet will be the main key…not AAS. The quickest way I know to lean out is on a Ketogenic diet but they are tough to stay on. I would not combine that type of diet with AAS usage though…it is a double whammy on your kidneys and liver.

“I haven’t cyclied in 2months,Yo bro help a big guy out.”

How long was your last cycle? 2 months off my be to quick to start up again.

Also, I agree that you should look into a tren/prop/winny cycle but only after you get your diet straight and drop your bodyfat %. You will definetly enjoy the benfits of the cycle more with a lower bodyfat %. Deca is not a good idea and if you search the forum you will see why!

I would hold anyone that recommended Dbol at the end of a cutting cycle suspect.

I second JT’s advice on what to use. BTW JT, if you’re not hungry as hell on your EQ I’d suspect it was fake.

I thought that too warhorse. But I have gotten the qv eq a bunch of times from 2 different sources. both times they looked identical, and I verified it with reliable publications. The ganabol I am on now I know for sure is real. I was born hungry, so that could be why I dont notice it. Also, even when dieting, I stay pretty satisfied throughout the day. Always eating 2.5hours, and eating clean foods that keep you full longer. I also do not experience the vascualrity that so many get. The only thing that gives me a pump is tren. Even dbol doesnt give me a good pump.

in addition to what the bro’s above said. deca is a poor choice for cutting. it is generally considered a bulking drug. not so much a cutter.