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Winny Drink or Inject

I have done some research about this topic, but haven’t seen much on what the differences are in respect to gains. Anyone have any input?, thanks

well im just going to assume that by injecting its already readily available in the bloodstream while with drinking it takes at least an hour (empty stomach) to enter the bloodstream and thats what doesnt get sent out as waste.

Bottoms up, just drink it. Tastes like crap; chase it with some OJ.

with the joint pain everyone talks about, is it just pain when the joints ar e being used )walking, flexing arm etc…) or can i be laying in bed and feel joint pain? how soon should i expect to feel this? thanks

Why would you want to drink it if you have it in an injectible form? It’s going to impact more on your liver if it is ingested, than if it is injected.

tried injecting and kept clogging syringe. less chance of infection, way less pain, done a bunch of research and the toxicity is roughly the same.

Wheels I was talking out my ass this afternoon. I should really stop working when I’m posting and actually pay attention to what I’m writing.

You’re right. It wont have any more impact on your liver. Injectable Winny can be a bitch because it doesn’t mix well in the water. If you shake it, then warm it gently in some water it normally helps, but who wants to inject on a daily basis.

Chug it!

Inject. No pain no gain, right?

Doing my first cycle ever of winny and the injection site pain has been a bitch. Seems like the best spots for me is in the pecs. I injected a lat a couple of days ago and it hurt like hell the day after and is still sore today.

I’ve read that injecting winny gives the best results…if you want to swallow get the oral version.

what exactly do you mean by joint pain while on winny?

Drink it unless you’re a vet who isn’t bothered by so many fresh injection sites.

I found I had to switch to drinking it because the painful injections rendered me unable to work out effectively. It’s never been proven that it’s less effective when you drink it, and injecting it is just as hard on your liver.

Has anyone done it both ways and noticed the same effects each way. If drinking it works im all for it. But i havent seen anyone say what kind of progress they have had off of drinking it.