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Winny Cycle

I’m 29 and I enjoy running, biking, gym and pick up games. Also my job requires I stay in pretty good cardiovascular shape but also be strong. I am 5’11" and 195 lbs at 12%. Not a kid and this weight and lifestyle works best for me.

I have doen a few cycles years ago when I was young and dumb. Treating this time like it is my first and taking 250 Cyp every 4 days. Thats about 500 a week and I feel great. No side effects, sleep good, b/p in check and great pumps and strength.

I also want to cycle in some Winny. I have 25mg oral. I am healthy and dont drink much and not worried about liver toxicity. I have been taking 1 pill every 18 hrs. 6am, 10 pm and 2 pm repeat. Really easy to follow and I think it keeps me from having spikes or decreases in levels.

Question is, is that enough for my weight or am I wasting my money? Everything I read is about winny makes it hard to get a good idea. The doses are all over and change depending on orals or injectables. I have 20cc of cyp and 50 pills of Winny. Was going to run cycle untill I am out. Following the KISS model: Keep it simple stupid.


While personal preferences vary, 25 mg/ed (or in your case, slightly more) seems fine. IMO you are not wasting your money. If you feel that you could use more, on your next cycle you can use a more aggressive dose.

Thanks Midnight.

Thought it sounded reasonable. Trying to keep the whole cycle simple. Sometimes when I hear or read about the shit guys do it sounds confusing and crazy with doses being to high and combining too much junk together. Sometimes less is more and you can get great results especially if your new to using help or are close to where you want to be in the first place before you use help.