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Winny & Cutting...


I been trying tons of supplements to cut with, with really no good results. I know part is discipline with my diet. I eat some good carbs in the am, then all protien from 12 noon to bed.

So I been reading up on winny (been reading it is a good cutter. What is needed to stack with it or winny alone good enough to cut?



they say tren but either alone should provide noticeable effects.


Steroids are not cutters. All roids are purely androgens or anabolics.

Cutting is based on diet and caloric intake. The reason why most say that such chemicals as Winny, Tren, Masteron, or Primo are good for cutting because they don't aromatize. They won't make you retain water or accumulate fat like Test would.

Winny is great for keeping gains while lowering your caloric intake while dieting.


test should not make one accumulate actual fat tissue and certain androgens do in fact have greater potential to reduce fat mass than others- even though they are intended to increase muscular mass. tren and stanz are two androgens that have a reputation for reducing adipose (and yes, that aromatization/ water stuff is true also).


so winny (as others) actually help reducing fat?
ie they have some kind of action that force body to use fat?


No. All steroids are both androgens as well as anabolics, in the context we're speaking here. There is no steroid which has ever been developed which completely disassociates those two effects.

In terms of steroids not causing fat loss, nearly every valid scientific study ever done on steroids shows that the test subjects lost fat without any dietary changes. I don't know why people always say steroids don't make you lose fat...they certainly do.


instead of researching steroids why not read up on proper nutrition?