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Winny Bridge

I’ve done plenty of cycles in the past, but never used a bridge before from cycle to cycle. I’ve read several times on here that many guys use bridges to keep their gaines (anavar seemed to be the most popular that I read). I’m very close to ending my cycle and have my usual PCT gear that I need, but I also have enough winny (100mg/mL) to last me 10 weeks. would winny at 100mg ED work as a bridge to keep my gains? or would it just be a waste of gear? thanks for your help guys.

Your body needs a break. I wouldn’t bother with bridges. If your diet and training stay strict and intense you should keep a lot of your gains depending on what you were cycling. But thats just me personally

I think slin works well for me on a bridge.Max 6 weeks.Know your shit when you take this stuff.It can kill you.