Winny bridge

I am thinking about bridging with winny - what sort of dosage scheme could I use that would allow me to maintain/make gains, while alowing my HPTA to ‘mostly’ recover? 50mg first thing in the morning? 50 a.m. plus 50 'round noon?

Purely as a guess, 50 mg on arising, only. If you were using Depot, so could make the dose whatever you wanted, I’d instead do it as about 35 on arising and another 15 at noon.

Now, if you were also using 17-alkyateds during your cycle, too, or will be doing so in your next cycle, this is not a good thing, since you need a break from them.

what about using Anavar at 20mg on arising? In three weeks I will be getting off of Winstrol at 50mg/day and Equipoise at 600 mg week. I was thinking about bridging with Anavar am only (6 weeks) and then doing a 4 week cycle with 25mgAnavar, 50 mg winny day, 100 mg primo depot EOD, 25mcg cytomel, 40 mg clen, and maybe 10 IU insulin postworkout with 120+ simple sugar and maybe some HGH (4IU) on workout days before bed. Anyone have any insight on this. Should I just leave out the Anavar bridge and save it for my cycle?