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Winny, Arthur Jones Method and Warrior Diet

Hi to all,
as the “older” remember I’m was a relative active “researcher/tester”.
I like to “mix and try” unconventional approach and solution regarding the use of AAS/Diet plan/training method combo.

My last “experiment” was about oral only cycle used as support for a Warrior Diet plan (low carb, high proteine, high fat, under-over eating “phased” diet) and high intensity training.

Note: For lack of more “guinea-pig” i’m the only case to study…

Duration: 6Weeks
Drug: Oral Winny 50mg ED (in the morning, about 15h before main meal, ie overeating phase)
Side: none

Warrior Diet style (12-15h undereating, followed by overeating phase then sleep)

Cardio: EOD about 50’ steady or 20’ HIIT
BB: Arthur Jones HIT style training (see note)

The training method in brief is based on the following fullbody
12 exercize (every one extended to negative exhaustion)
(in the following chart x12 is the starting load (12RM), followed by the required rest-paused repetitions to reach negative exhaustion.)

[quote]leg-extension (unilateral) x12 reps 80kg
leg-curl (unilateral) x12 reps 75kg
standing calf rise x30 reps 90kg
hyperextension (unilateral) x20 (bw)
Rest 2’
cable row narrow grip: x20 100kg
rear neck lat pulldown: x12 80kg
chest press: x15 100kg
shoulder press: x12 65kg
Rest 2’
narrow grip chin up (TUT 15-0-15) 1 rep super setted with incline DB curl x12 25kg
dips (TUT 15-0-15) 1 rep super setted with DB overhead extension x15 13kg
Russian twist x20[/quote][/i]

Reduced bf%
Increased bodyweight (from 96 to 102)
Increased “overall strength” (more reps with the same load)
Increased size (mainly on shoulder, triceps and quads)

Is there a particular reason why you ate all your calories at once, and then slept?

[quote]satan666 wrote:
Is there a particular reason why you ate all your calories at once, and then slept?[/quote]

the warrior diet is a particular kind of diet plan elaborated on paleo-diet concept.
Human body evolved as hunter-gatherer (sorry for my bad English) so it was “common” to have only real small meal during the day and a “big” full meal after hunting and just before “bed time”.

This is just “a kind of diet plan” not the better (but neihter the worst). i like to cycle WD with more tradizional “high frequency meal” diet plan to help my body to detoxify. I have noticed a better profile (during off time) in blood works (among other factor higher T, lower E, bettr liver and fat profiles).

In this “experiment” i wont to test the cutting and detox power of the WD with the “side kick” of mild AAS

In the past i have used TREN with WD and i had to stop WD cause tren “ask me” for more fuel…