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Winny and Zaditen


hi there,
just wondering what you thought about this novice, beginner,starter. cutting cycle I have a35% body fat

1) 1 week 20 mg nolvadex (just in case)
2)then a 6 week cycle of 10 mg winny tabs, 0.02mg clen and 1 mg zaditen.

is that ok for a beginner, if not please advice, because i read so many different things on the web.

thanx dutchy


read more.


Before I jumped into AAS I'd do a cycle of chicken breasts and oatmeal if i was 36%bf.


Why the hell are you doing a stack like this if you are just a beginner??? Take a good look at your training regime and nutrition before you go down this route. Get your bodyfat as low as possible naturally before you do this.


Yeah....you probably (read: definately) need to research a bit more (meaning: a lot more).

But thats no big deal. I'll be honest, internet steroid discussion forums are rife with bad advice and unresearched or ill-researched advice.

A good, basic site for just steroid-based profiles and information (it's not a message board and isn't selling anything) is steroidsprofiles.com . It's a very good start to learn from.


Read Cy's "Steroids For Dummies" which will give you a good background before you start hitting the scientific journals.



dude at 35% bf you don't need AAS. You need a treadmill and a meal plan.


I reckon that the best cycle that you could do at the moment is probably a relatively unknown 'roid called Casein. It can be pretty difficult to get hold of but if you go into most grocery stores there will be a guy that you can ask for 'cottage cheese', give him a little wink as you ask for it and he will sort you out with the gear that you are looking for.


1 you dont need the nolva as winny wont convert to estrogen.
2 clen needs to be cycled for best results
3 read loads more about this before you begin (like about the next 2 years)
4 honest mate I know your in a rush but diet is number 1 carb control and walking will do the trick.
walk about 3 to 5 miles each morning the fat will melt.
Search this site for a good 3day full body routine using compounds and you will build muscle to help burn the fat.
I lost 42lb fat in 3 months.
Hope this helps.
watch the winny orals for liver tox take milk thistle and liv52


tnanx mate,

maybe i went a little too fast on odering all this especialy dbol and winny.

But I do 45/50 mins cardio on stationnay bike evey morning(loose about 300kcal.
I take 5 meals a day no pasta no rice no potatoes).Two high protein shakes a day, one after cardio in the morning and one at 4/5 o'clock in the afternoon.
every other day I lift weights at home cause i don't have the time to go to the gym.

I'm 185 cm (6,7 feet) tall and weigh 90 kilograms (185lbs).My muscles are flask and I have a 37 body fat%.
I have a beer/whiskey/hamburger belly, although I started dieting as I said earlier (veggies and proteins)but it takes too long to sculpt my body.

So ok I should forget about the winny and Dbol, but dont you think a clen cycle for a couple of weeks would help a little?


yes but what about growing faster


Clen wil help to reduce my bodyfat, I'm sales representative which means that my ass is in the car sitting doing nothing for at least 4/5 hours so what if i want quicker results, I just need a kickstart and then I'll maintain, but I'm decided on using clen for sure and afterwards to grow I'll read up some more but I will use.