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Winny and PCT


I was recently asked if the following cycle would require the use of any concurrent ancillaries or PCT:

Winny tabs 25mg ED
for 6 weeks

I've been all over this site as well as a few others and have come to the following conclusions:
1) Winny doesn't aromatize
2) Winny can cause suppression but probably not at this dose or this short of a cycle

My guess is that hcg/clomid or hcg/nolvadex may be required post cycle in case of some suppression but I haven't really found anything that says so explicitly. I know oral only cycles aren't looked upon fondly so that may be the reason I can't find exactly the info I need. Any suggestions?
If I've missed something on the newbie thread or elsewhere, I'd appreciate it if you could steer me in the right direction.



If you used hcg you would be creating more suppression than the by using the winstrol for the entire 6 week cycle

You won't need any thing for pct.


Just the man I was hoping would answer!
I suspected as much, but I know a lot of guys here say to take some kind of ancillary regardless so I figured I'd ask . Thanks P.


50mg of Clomid for a week or so wouldn't hurt. If nothing else keep some on hand and if your nutz ain't 100% take 50mg a day for a week or two to help stimulate LH production. Your cycle doesn't look very suppresive but everyone's body respond's differently.


During my research into a possible cutting cycle, 25mg ED of Winny seems a too low when run by itself, but I'm going to let my friend be the guinea pig before I make a final judgment. My cut cycle will probably be all oral also, but I'm leaning more toward 50-75mg ED. Any thoughts on dosages?...


If your goal is just to maintian muscle mass while cuting up then you really don't need to use too much gear unless your really over your natural max. Really if you are going to do an oral only cycle I would use Turninabol @ 40mg/day(10mg every 4 hours) and maybe winny @ 50mg/day(I heard this has like a 9hour half-life so I would just chuck it all down in the AM).

Really I have dieted down to make weigth before meets and lost no muscle or strength while just using the Turinabol at like 40-60mg/day (20mg every 5-6 hours). If I where you I would use some Fina @ 100-150mg EOD and screw the rest of it. That would be mad cheap and its great for strength and lean gains.

You might even put on some muscle depending on how hard your dieting and your current level of training.


I'm hearing good things about Tren from the guys around here also, plus the guys here at T-Nation seem to love the stuff. I'll definitely keep it in mind. Thanks.