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Winny and Methyl 1 test cycle

Here’s the story: I was supposed to start a deca/winny cycle for my first cycle, mass gains in mind. I’m 26 yrs, 6’2" 170 lbs. My connection has dissapeared. What does everyone think of a 50mg winny/ methyl-1-test cycle of 2 weeks? I would be using vpx liquid 1-test. keep in mind both are hard on liver. Clomid after cycle?

What are your goals for the cycle? Are you able to get test as I’m going to assume you want to add some mass to your frame by the stats you gave. You not being able to get the deca was a good thing most likely.

i’ve thought about this oral only cycle also, using 2 on 1 off. make sure to use liver support while on and off and the clomid, tribulus, methoxy while off. I would also suggest the pendulum bodybuilding training written by C.T. here at t-mag. fits the protocol perfectly because you will be able to carry over your cns affects even when you are off during the functional training. check out the article and you’ll see what i mean. expect your strength to really shoot up as you lose fat and gain muscle. laters pk

My goals are just to add mass. I know deca does not have a good rep around here but I am wary of test because of acne. I am checking out a test source right now. Incidentally I was told that most american deca is fake or mixed with test…