Winny, anabol, Tribex and 2on4off cycle

Hey Bros!
What can I say more - what do You think about mixing this stuff together? I need Your help! I’m kind of recreational bodybuilder - 185 cm and 98 kilos. If You have any experience - post me!


Mother…do you want to bang heads with me…
Danzig rules. I’ve got nothing to say about you cycle, sorry. But Danzig rules.

Uh…Danzig. If it isn’t too much trouble would you mind posting what you want to accomplish with those compounds(don’t say “just build muscle duh”) and how much of them you have and what type of cycling your open to, and anything else you think we should know.

ok - sorry - what is my goal? - What I want is catch a few kilos but I’m a patient man - If I weren’t I’d try sustanon or something like that. But I love my BALLS - my girl too. If You want to know: how much juice do I have - don’t worry - I live in Poland and I don’t have any problem with getting the gear.

thanks - I’m waiting…


Poland…you lucky bastard. Seriously, if all you want is a few kilos then you should be able to get that with 2 cycles easy(maybe just one). I’m assuming anabol is anadrol but correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve never used anadrol but I’ve used winny 100mg/day orally and I think its pretty powerful stuff. And going off what others have written, the 2 would stack very well so you’d have a great cycle. I’d use 100mg/day winny and 50mg/day anadrol. After the cycle take the max dosage of tribex for 4 weeks and you should be ready for the next one. I’d use clomid instead of tribex but most guys who use tribex in this manner seem to like it. Hope this helped. Good luck.

Yeah - more! - in Poland the gear is pretty chip - thanks a lot Bro!

Ps. I mean Anabol - Thai D-ball