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Winning Workout Video I Made for a Contest




what was the contest? What did you win?


Impressive pullups to say the least. Part of me thinks fake plates - but that's mostly envy.


I had to make a video of me "getting JACKED in the gym"
It was put on by Anabolic Innovations.
I won Product of my choice, cinch bag and a tee shirt.


Nice video. Congrats. BTW, I love the weight plate clock.


Thanks, its hard to find fake plate stores



I also made the front page of our City's paper on the 17th



You look like the guy who plays Macgruber. Impressive pullups. Congrats on the contest.


good stuff


I'm told I look like Roger Federer


Congratulations on breaking the world record for weighted dips!

Don't be shy...you should create a new thread about that!





I will, it wasn't for dips there are some people adding a ton of weight for dips.


In the link to the newspaper article it mentions that he broke a record for doing a chin up with a huge weight between his legs.

The previous record holder was me every time I went wee wee.


I opened this expecting a laugh at some clueless kid, I was pleasantly surprised, you're an animal!


Thanks It took 2 days of working out to get all those shots. I only used one camera so I would have to do one set then change the camera position. On a couple of them the camera didn't even record, like on the one arm pullup and curls.


I think you ruined it by putting half squats in there, but awesome job on everything else man, really impressed by those pullups!