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Winning the Arms Race

I wanted to get some information on the results of people who have fully completed the 6 month arm program book written by Charles Poliquin?

What were your results. e.g. Arm size increase and other expreiences.

Only truthful replys’ thanks

Why not email charles yourself and ask him if he’s gotten any feedback?

If you can’t find out the info you need on poliquin, you ought to try Ian King’s Great Guns eries. I’m 3/4 of the way through it and have added about .75 of an inch to both arms.


I bought the book and after reading it decided it was something I needed to work up to.

I decided to try Ian King’s program like Fishdog. I am 5 weeks into it, and have seen some pretty cool improvements in strength, density and size. No measurements, but I tell you what man, my t-shirts don’t lie.

At the end of January, when I am done with Ian’s 12 week program, I plan to take a couple weeks off and then start Poliquin’s training program.


Thanks guys!

I have had the book for 2 years and i only got through the first 2 phases and then stopped and did EDT training for a year along with staley’s arm programme…

I started winning the arms race yesterday on phase 1 and my arms are real sore! So hopefully within 6 months i will again over an inch on my arms.



Where can I find the Great Guns series?

[quote]magnetnerd wrote:
Where can I find the Great Guns series?[/quote]

Check the bottom of this link:

I gained about an inch on Ian’s program. I highly recommend it!

Thanks bro