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Winning the Arms Race

Hey guys,
I am not sure how many of you are familiar with Poliquin’s Winning the Arms Race program. It consists of basically 6 months of arm training with varying intensities, volumes, rests, tempos, etc. I am in my second phase and I was wondering if the same principles could be a applied to other body parts.

In the second phase is maximal weight training. I want to build some strength so that later on I can lift more for bbing purposes.

The question is this- on leg day…I am picking an A1 and A2 and a B1 and B2 exercise. There is 2 minutes rest btw. sets for 6 sets. Would it be o.k. to include deadlifting here with no belt.

I figured that it would be better as on of the first exercises…like maybe A1 is deads and A2 is leg extension? Let me know what you guys think, Thanks

Basically, the question is can I do a workout like this?

A1)Deadlifts 2 min rest 5010 2-4 reps
A2)Squats 2 min rest 5010 2-4 reps
B1)Ham Curl 2 min rest 5010 2-4 reps
B2)Leg Exten 2 min rest 5010 2-4 reps