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winning the arms race?

Has anyone tried the workouts in the book? is it worth the money?

I don’t know about the book, but I felt like I had won the “arms race” this morning when my arm was too big for the Blood Pressure cuff.

How was your blood pressure?

Excellent program - great example of periodization i.e intensity vs. volume

oh, and everyone gains -if consistant…

Wow, Don Alessi speaks. A rare sight in these parts indeed.

I did the the progression of workouts. I didn’t see the results i had expected.

However i was rotating short periods of dieting and gaining, this could have hurt my progress.

My strength increased greatly, but my size increase was minimal.

thanks for the reply’s


If you got stronger then you gained some muscle protein as they are 2/3 correlated. Chances are you were simply depleted as the arms are one of the first muscles to sacrifice substrates on a hypocaloric plan - carb up. Then measure!