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Winning Formula

Hey everyone! Just finished reading the Winning Formula. Everything was laid out in a perfectly clear and easy to understand format. What I had a question on was the anaerobic interval training. What is it? Can some one give me an example? Is it similar to the Phillips cardio routine in BFL? Is this a dumb question?

I presume he’s talking about sprinting workouts. The question I have is the diet. Are the beans weighed before or after cooking, anyone??

Sprinting outside or using a stairclimber, rowing ergometer or cycle ergometer will be your best bet. Warm up for a couple of minutes (2-3 should be fine), then the workout begins.

Max effort for 30 seconds then light effort for 90 seconds. Repeat 15 times for 30 minutes of activity. For example, on a cycle ergometer that goes from levels 1-20 you would go like this.

30 sec at 100 rpm at level 20

90 sec at 75 rpm at level 5

Repeat 15 times for a total work time of 30 minutes. Hope this helps.

Joe, I was thinking the same thing. The BFL interval training is what I was going to use with one exception. Instead of ramping up intensity levels ie 6-7-8-9 I was going to use my 10 intensity for 30 seconds then 5 intensity for 90 seconds 1:3 ratio as described in the article…

If you train at a commercial gym that has modern CV equipment (i.e lifefitness are a good example) most will have inbuilt programs called hill or random, these are anaerobic intervals types and would be a good no-brainer for a rookie to use as there anaerobic interval session.