Winning formula questions?

I have a question , Berardi reccomends having surge during and after your workout, well I lift then after i lift i do the anaerobic training intervals, my question is that , when im lifting and doing cardio and drinking surge during isnt that stopping my fat from being used as energy, and instead using the surges calories to burn? ,wont this stop me from burning fat off of my body, btw my bodyfat is above 10% so im not exactly ripped, but his reccomendatiosn seem counterproductive can anyone help me please?

He answered this Q in the current paper issue of T-mag. Basically, the positives of using Surge outweigh any slight decrease in fat burning during a workout.

Drink 1/2 serving while lifting then do your anaerobic intervals and then knock back your other 1/2 serving. That is what I do. You won’t be inhibiting fat loss with this.

but wouldnt the insulin spike from the surge inhibit alot of the fat loss? cuz it produces a preety big insulin spike.

you burn fat after the workout. Thats why you want to raise your metabolic rate. Whats the use of going to the gym and burning calories that you ate. if you want to do that then eat less. Muscle mass burns calories. So put on more lean mass. Surge helps you put on and keep muscle. laters pk

I would like to hear from Mr Berardi himself on this question, wouldnt this vastly decrease the amount calories used during exercise for energy, it just doesnt sit right with my intellect, please answer this since u wrote the arcticle…

thanx ,pugs

It has taken a LONG time for people to realize that your muscles grow OUTSIDE the gym, during times of recovery. What you do in the gym is merely the stimulus. Hit it. Hit it HARD. Go home. Grow…despite this knowledge, I would bet there are many more people than not that think spending marathon time in the gym, doing endless reps and sets, is when and where you grow. Myths die hard…

The fat burning benefits of Cardio is full of myths that are dying even harder. The cardio you do in the gym is merely the STIMULUS for elevating your metabolism, fat mobilization and eventual lipolysis. In other words (to borrow the muscle growth analogy), you burn fat OUTSIDE the gym. The fat you burn and mobilize during cardio is minimal in comparison, BUT it represents the “spark” or “match” that lights the fire. Again…its the stimulus for much GREATER fat burning that occurs AFTER an intense workout.

Granted…things are a bit more complex than I’ve presented…and this concept of Cardio and it’s relationship to fat burning is evolving daily, but this represents our current understanding.

So…does nutrition taken during Cardio put a “damper” on the fat burning process? Studies that J.B. has presented suggest that the answer is “no”…so you’re presenting a hypothesis that science, and real world experience, has answered, AND is refining daily. What ever minute “dampening” effect taking nutrition during cardio may exert is FAR outweighed by the need to take full advantage of a VERY strong nutrient uptake window that exist during, and most strongly after, an intense workout.

If you are interested in retaining any mass while dieting, you’d be wise to take your Surge as was clearly and intentionally mandated. If you for whatever reason don’t value lean muscle mass then by all means skip the Surge and have a soy shake an hour and a half post workout. Now if you’re referring to aerobic cardio days, skip the workout Surge and only take it post workout.