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Winning formula part II

I wanted to know if anyone was using the parameters JMB prescribed in his WFpII

article? I’m a little concerned about the extremely high amount of caloires and

the length of his exercise program. Here are just a few points I would like to

get comments on:

Opinions on the quantity he

How many calories do you usually consume during


Wont 7+ hrs a week throw your

cortisol/hormonal/nervous system out of wack?
Are the anaerobic/aerobic

sessions easier on your body compared to lifting? The diet (in terms of

calories, not macro combinations)reminds me of Parrillo’s system. Similar in

the sense that if you eat enough you cant overtrain.

I’d like to give

this diet a try but I’m skeptical and would like to hear actual success stories

(sorry, clinical tests never impressed me much).

Caloric intakes are highly individual. Although my personal maintainance intake is lower than the numbers I get with Berardi’s calculations, I know many people who have had great results and success with those numbers. So that’s an assessment that you are going to have to make individually; no one can really give you an answer.

Nevertheless, I still apply the massive eating guidelines to my diet (i.e. never mix carbs and fat, etc.)

And whats your opinion on the training program? In terms of volume?

In my opinion, the weight training program is right on.

I've spoken with John both via the forum and email about the anaerobic interval sessions...although we have slightly different views, I'm confident (and so is reasearch) that you will get great results from the 1:3 protocol that he suggests.

It is a great program to use during a cutting cycle. It certainly is "one" of a number of ways to achieve a hard, ripped physique.

Just to chime in and say that I’ve also used JMB’s calorie recommendations with success, despite some initial skepticism. Try it, you’ll like it. (Just DON’T try it if you’re not combining nutrients like he wants you to…)

I’ve found JMB’s caloric calculations to be a little high for me, but like Joel said caloric consumption is highly individual. Just experiment and see where your caloric needs are.