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Winnie + Stenox??



Parts are rare around here.

Hypotheticly, someone might have the following available.

Winnie Oral
Stenox Oral
Carbolin 19
48u of GH

A weird assortment, but just for fun ,that's all there is.

If someone has a small amount of experience, what might some interesting cycles be.


   Stenox for weeks 1-2
   Winnie for two weeks 3-4
   Carbolin 19, Methoxy-7 and nolva for three weeks after.

2) Stenox + Winnie + Clomid weeks 1-4

  Carbolin 19, Methoxy-7, nolva for three weeks after.

I thought that doing the GH 2iu per day for 24 days in the middle of either cycle might be good??

I'm sure there are plenty of guys here with more experience than me. I would REALLY APPRECIATE any suggestions or feedback on sugested cycles with the odd collection of gear.




what dose of stenox and winnie per day?

watch your joints, watch your liver and watch your TEMPER


Oh and why nolv & clomid?
I would run 20mg nolv for PCT only....you don't need nolv for this.
Stenox halotestin right?

I hate clomid...that plus halo..I don't know what it would do. Clomid makes me a whiney bitch and halo makes me wanna punch someone.


Thanks Scrappy,

Nolva and Clomid are just what's around. Don't have to use the Clomid. Just available. (Only use Nolva before, so no experience with Clomid.)

I don't know the dosing of winnie and stenox yet. (Again, that's just what's available here.)

I was hoping that some of the more experienced guys here could give me some suggestions about how to create a decent cycle from the odd collection of stuff that I have.

Also, I've got the "over the counter" stuff Methoxy-7 and Carbolin 19. Don't know if they're worth anything, but might be fun to throw in before, during, or after the cycle.




I'd use Carbolin 19 and Methoxy-7 post cycle as labelled with the nolvadex.

winny and halo don't warant a need for nolv while on.

If it were me and my goal was strength/lean muscle retention while cutting fat I would use
50mg winny/day for 3 weeks. Starting with 20mg/day and working up to 50 as you see fit. Then for 2 weeks I'd add 15mg halo. Starting at 5mg and working up.

I'd come off the halo in 2 weeks and finish the 6th week with winny only. Be flexible with dose. This stuff really can make you angry and I really only use it for certain fighters. I would tell you just run winny the whole time but if I wanted to try halo that's how I'd do it. This stack might make you look better and be stronger but expect minimal size gains.

Liver stress is mostly over rated...But NOT IN THIS CASE I believe. Take Silymarin/milk thistle. it may help. This is a liver enzyme elevating stack FOR SURE.



Your suggestion sounds perfect!! Thanks a lot for the advice. (I thought of a winny only cycle, but am curious to see of the stenox will help. I have a bunch sitting around, so why not :slight_smile:

I really want to bulk a bit, but this is all the gear I can get my hands on right now, so it is better than nothing. (I also have 48iu of GH, that I might throw in just to see if it helps. Also considering some R3-IGF1 to round it out.)

BTW - what kinds of fighters do you train. (I did the Muay Thai thing for a long time. )

Thanks Again!



I train with some Muay Thai guys but mostly grapplers who do some Thai for MMA.


The Halo will not get you any strength or size. To me, it is a myth that Halo is a strength drug. It will make you angry though, and it has a "hardening" affect on the muscles...you will look more chiseled. I have used it for several years 2-3 weeks pre meet at doses up to 40mg / day...which is alot.

I know you are not using Tren but "Halo + Tren = a walking time bomb".


If it were me I'd just run 50/mg ed of winny for 6 weeks. Wouldn't touch the Halo. Too many sides for few gains.


How can you justify making an "absolute" statement like this?

Drugs do not react the same in all individuals. I've had great success with 10-20 mg of Halo per day for 3 weeks before a meet. No size, but the strength increase is significant.

Just like D-bol, I know guys who can take 30 mg per day of the exact same stuff I might hit at 5-10 mg per day. They get few gains, while I put on 10 lbs in a few weeks. Everyone's body chemistry is different.


Most guys rarely use it anymore due to it's high cost Vs. strength gains. Tren is 10X the drug Halo is. You would be one of the 1st that I know who get strength gains from it. With that being said, yes everyone is different...it would be interesting to see if he sees any significant increases.

Additionally, all I have ever used is Stenox, which is manufactured in Mexico. There is a european version that may be better?


I got Stenox in Mexico dirt cheap ($4.50 for 20 tabs). Once I ran out, I could still get it at a reasonable price ($10 for 20 tabs). Real black market price on it is ridiculously expensive though, so in that case the cost vs. benefit ratio simply isn't there.


Thanks for all the advice.

I'm don't compete for BB, so I'm really just looking for some size right now. If Sten is just going to make me harder, then I probably don't need it. (too bad, there is plenty around.)

Some tren would be great, I'll have to ask around, but don't think it is readily available.

Also. Does anybody have an opinion about HGH or R3-IGF-1 with the Winny???????????????

I'm going to follow Scrappy's suggestion and keep the Methoxy-7, Carbolin 19, and nolva for PCT.




I used GH and IGF. I mostly used them pre/post surgery. I was training light pre surgery and also doing minimal shit post surgery. My doc said that my neck fusion at 8 weeks looked like it was doing fine on CT scan. He actually said, 'WOW! that looks like it should at the 1 year mark, It's really fused nicely, that's cause you're a young, healthy guy' hehehe

Anyway, I didn't like gh or igf for anything other than some healing. I found that I gained useless weight and had trouble losing it. It's expensive and probably is better for someone with hypertrophy/weight gain goals. Wrist pain was also very evident. I really think it does help with healing but I didn't notice any phsyique changes. I was in a weird situation though.

Keep in mind I ran the gh for a long time (over 1 year) and the igf maybe 40 days. Most of that time I didn't touch roids. Just my .02